Monday, November 8, 2010

Lab C

I had a ton of fun teaching the Cuban Salsa for Lab C and I hope the rest of you feel the same way.  Even though my lesson didn't get to the full dance, I saw lots of improvement from the first step to the last.  The teaching approach was completely different this time because it was based on dancing and the specific steps.  Everyone got warmed up by gathering in a circle and showing off their favorite dance move.  Hopefully, this also gave some students some confidence due to dancing solo in front of a whole class.  We then started from simply clapping the tempo (quick, quick, slow ; uno, dos , tres) to putting the full rock step, side step and cross step all together to perform a short dance routine.  During the lesson I noticed some of the students were really engaged by the dancing but others seemed to care less which will be comparable to a real life physical education classroom one day.  A thought I had after the lesson was to switch the two rows so everyone would have a chance to be the leaders or examples.  I also found it difficult to give the perfect angle for my demonstartions because in order to have identical stpes to the students, I had to turn my back to them.  This allows for horseplay or distractions while my back is turned.  I also had a difficult time giving feedback because most of the steps were done as a whole group while following my step by step instructions.  If i had more time, I could have walked around to give feedback and advice.  these are areas in which I will work on to perfect for our upcoming Lab D. 

Overall, I felt this was a good International Lesson because dancing is a life-long activity in which people can easily learn and have a whole new outlook on occasions such as weddings and formal dances.  Working with a partner on this lab also spiced things up a little bit.  The beneficial part was being able to bounce ideas off one another and Ben did a great job following up my lesson.  The difficult tasks were combining the lessons and incorporating all of the aspects on the C-9 form.  We were also one of the last groups to perform so we were able to take in feedback from other groups and use it to our advantage.  Even though I missed a few parts that I practiced over and over, I still managed to have a lot of fun teaching it and I felt the class did as well.  Like I always say, my mission is for the students to learn while having fun at the same time.

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