Sunday, September 19, 2010

After getting a second shot on the main stage I'm having mixed feelings about my performance.  Although I did notice significant improvements in my confidence and my preparation, there were other fields in which I definitely could have covered better.  One area I felt I did a poor job in was my feedback which was caused by my lack of time management.  Since I went overboard on the explanation and had little time for activity, this gave me less of a chance to give feedback and assess my own performance.  This, in my teaching years, can be very crucial and I'm glad we have these practice runs to clear up any faults before my career.  During the lesson I used different types of cues such as "the string attached from the knee to the elbow" and the "cooking jar reach" pertaining to the follow through after a shot.  Little things such as cues can really help grab the attention of the students and can also allow for them to have an easier way to remember specific steps of a skill.  After evaluating the C9 form I noticed that I did use a hook that caught the attention but after watching my video I can see improvements needed in my enthusiasm and confidence when using a hook that should really grab their interest.  It was also hard for me to use intra-task variation because of the lack of time I had to go over my activity.  This can be easily fixed as it will be for my next teaching lab.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to go back and grade myself through the YouTube videos and I believe it gives great benefits for any individual who needs to build their way up to becoming a professional.  Overall my teaching experience may not have went exactly how I wanted but that’s why we practice and keep working towards improvement!
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  1. Rob, you have improved a lot already since your first lesson on day one. To help increase activity time in class, remember KISS: Keep It Short and Simple. This will help reduce instruction time and increase activity time. Great work!

  2. Thank you Jenna! I did notice I was becoming too detailed in my lesson and not leaving enough time for activity for the students. I will be sure to use the K-I-S-S technique next time and make some changes in my approach. Thanks again for the useful feedback!